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Just a Mom from the beautiful state of Maine...I have two beautiful children who are my lifes true passion, my son Isaiah is 7 and he has Autism. My daughter Brianna is 13...going on 20! =O) Besides being a mom I am greatly inspired by the shabby chic style....I am new to blogging and I recently opened an online boutique Fabulously Shabby. I sell 'Romantic Home Decor & Chic Feminine Gifts', including some vintage pretties. I just love and admire all the beautiful blogs @}~~ They are so inspiring to me, I hope my blog becomes a beautiful one that can inspire others =O)

Please Visit My Boutique, Fabulously Shabby! @}~~

Please Visit My Boutique, Fabulously Shabby! @}~~
Romantic Home Decor & Chic Feminine Gifts

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Painted Pretty; Candle Holder Makeover

I just wanted to share another small painting project that I finished recently. I purchased this large candle holder because I knew it would be a perfect item to 'shabby' up. It has great architectural details that caught my eye.

After a few layers of acrylic craft paint, I 'chippied' it up slightly so it would look older. I also added two floral decals to the top, then sealed them. I am very happy with how it came out and am planning to list this pretty one of a kind piece in my store...hopefully soon!

I haven't had much time to list items in my store due to the kids being home all week on vacation. I hope to add at least a few things this week and lots of new pretties threw next week. Please visit me soon and check them out =O)
@}~~ Sarah


  1. That looks so pretty!! I wish I had your eye!! :)

  2. Very adorable ~ wonderful job! (*_*) ~Stacy~

  3. Hi there, You did a wonderful job with this. I'm always on a look out for architectural pieces myself. Looking forward to the next visit. Thanks

    Have a Great Day-

  4. That looks beautiful!! I hope everything os well with you. I have been absent for about a month and see you have as well!!! Looking forward to your next post!!!