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Just a Mom from the beautiful state of Maine...I have two beautiful children who are my lifes true passion, my son Isaiah is 7 and he has Autism. My daughter Brianna is 13...going on 20! =O) Besides being a mom I am greatly inspired by the shabby chic style....I am new to blogging and I recently opened an online boutique Fabulously Shabby. I sell 'Romantic Home Decor & Chic Feminine Gifts', including some vintage pretties. I just love and admire all the beautiful blogs @}~~ They are so inspiring to me, I hope my blog becomes a beautiful one that can inspire others =O)

Please Visit My Boutique, Fabulously Shabby! @}~~

Please Visit My Boutique, Fabulously Shabby! @}~~
Romantic Home Decor & Chic Feminine Gifts

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Painted Pretty; Candle Holder Makeover

I just wanted to share another small painting project that I finished recently. I purchased this large candle holder because I knew it would be a perfect item to 'shabby' up. It has great architectural details that caught my eye.

After a few layers of acrylic craft paint, I 'chippied' it up slightly so it would look older. I also added two floral decals to the top, then sealed them. I am very happy with how it came out and am planning to list this pretty one of a kind piece in my store...hopefully soon!

I haven't had much time to list items in my store due to the kids being home all week on vacation. I hope to add at least a few things this week and lots of new pretties threw next week. Please visit me soon and check them out =O)
@}~~ Sarah

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sea Shells & Sea Glass

Just wanted to share a start to my Summer Decor. I found some pretty aqua & blues sea glass and also purchased a package of sea shells. As I packed up my Easter decor, I simply layered the bottom of my large glass jar with the glass and then arranged the sea shells on top of the glass. I think it looks pretty, even though it's not beach weather yet :o) I purchased two packages of the sea glass & one of the sea shells. They were very inexpensive, I bought mine at a local shop but I know decor items like these are available in many stores.

Another idea is rather than using sea glass, you could layer the shells on top of fine sand. That would look nice as well. You could fill one large jar like I did or you could use many different sized jars with different combinations. Either way, it's a simple and charming way to bring the beach & a Summer feeling into your home, especially if your like me and don;t get to the beach very often.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Please visit me again soon, @}~~ Sarah

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Next Stop...Target

Today, Mom & I did a little shopping. We stopped at our local Target store...Target is definitely one of my favorite stores!! Of course I LOVE their Simply Shabby Chic line, but I also love that they are changing their seasonal merchandise regularly. I love the excitement of going in and looking for what they have that's new. And of course hoping it's something that I love, which very often it is!
So today I hit up their Spring/Easter isle now at 75% off, YAY!! I had my eye on these pretty ceramic plates for months... I loved them but I just couldn't spend $14.99 on something I would only use one day a year. BUT for $3.74!!?? HECK YEAH! I was happy that this sweet plate set was just waiting there for me for all these months complete with their distressed carrying basket and all ;O)
Next I found these great melamine plates, I enjoy using this type of plates in the Summertime. They are great for light lunches or for barbeque's. I thought they were sweet and what a steal at only $.74 each!! I am a total bargain shopper and I'll tell you a good clearance sale always makes me in a fabulously super mood!

Thanks for stopping by & Have A Fabulous Day! @}~~ Sarah

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Grandmother

I've been away for a couple of weeks. My Grandmother passed away on April 2nd, so as you can imagine updating my store and writing blogs was the furthest thing from my mind. Today is the first day I have done anything online since she became sick at the end of March. In the next few days I am going to try to do some updating & adding pretties to my store. I am in dire need to add some flea market finds as well! I hope to get out there hunting this weekend!
I spoke at my Grams funeral and read a eulogy that I had written as soon as I found out she passed. I never speak in public but I felt deeply in my heart that I wanted to honor her and all that she has done for me threw out my life. I wanted to share a couple of old photos but it seems my scanner isn't working at all at the moment (thanks kids!). Luckily I had this one on my computer already. I choose a couple photos of ruby colored roses from flickr to add to this entry because my grandmother always wore her ruby jewelry, this was her color for sure. She also always had red rose decor around her house ever since I can remember.

My Grandmother was an amazing lady, she is deeply loved and will forever be missed. @}~~