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Just a Mom from the beautiful state of Maine...I have two beautiful children who are my lifes true passion, my son Isaiah is 7 and he has Autism. My daughter Brianna is 13...going on 20! =O) Besides being a mom I am greatly inspired by the shabby chic style....I am new to blogging and I recently opened an online boutique Fabulously Shabby. I sell 'Romantic Home Decor & Chic Feminine Gifts', including some vintage pretties. I just love and admire all the beautiful blogs @}~~ They are so inspiring to me, I hope my blog becomes a beautiful one that can inspire others =O)

Please Visit My Boutique, Fabulously Shabby! @}~~

Please Visit My Boutique, Fabulously Shabby! @}~~
Romantic Home Decor & Chic Feminine Gifts

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Painted Pretty; Shelf Makeover

I love to paint items and give them a fresh new look. On a recent shopping trip I saw this poor...uh-hmmm, ugly shelf at the store on a clearance table. Well of course it was on clearance who would want that hanging on their wall?!? Well I know that I wouldn't anyway...
I saw beyond the ugly black dots for eyes that this poor cherub needed a better life. I hope that I have accomplished that...by simply applying a couple of coats of pretty pale pink paint.
You can still see slight cracking which gives it a charming touch of shabbiness. This pretty pink cherub/angel shelf is now available in my store!! It is a chunky shelf and larger then it may appear in the photos. (measurements are provided in my store)
I hope someone falls in love with her and gives her a fabulous home =O)
Have A Wonderful Day! ~Sarah @}~~

Monday, March 23, 2009

More Spring Inspirations

Good Morning!
I just had to share a few pictures of my simple but charming new spring goodies I bought at Michael's over the weekend. A petite white ceramic bird and small cloche with a little birds nest, eggs, and pale rosebuds inside. Both were on sale for 40% off too! =O) I love sales!!!
....oops I didn't even take the sticker off the birdies feet yet.I don't go to Michael's very often but when I do I always find a few really cute things that are totally my style of decor! I am going to pick up this set or something like this for my Mom for an Easter Gift! So cute and affordable and will last much longer then a chocolate bunny =O)
Have A Great Week! Sarah @}~~

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Springtime Fluffing

This afternoon I decided to do some blog reading and started with a favorite blog of mine My Romantic Home and was instantly intrigued to find that a Spring Fluffing Party was being hosted by Southern Hospitality. I searched threw every one's charming spring fluffing blog entries and was inspired to join in with welcoming spring into my home. I did some cleaning up and a little moving stuff around and finally got out a few decorations. I have more to do but this was a nice way to spend the afternoon until my children got home from school. I will probably add more later, please excuse the photos as our new camera is now broken =O( I am still planning to buy a new centerpiece and some adorable glittered spring houses that I have had my eye on so I will have to list some photos of those pretties after I buy them.
I recently purchased this papermache(?) egg box with a vintage image. I fell in love with it...so cute!
In my dining room....
I still need to iron my tablecloth (it hasn't been used for months) but I love the roses and the pretty spring colors. Maybe I will make a floral centerpiece for spring and summertime!

I have had this handmade wooden bunny for YEARS! Today I changed it's old taffeta bow with a sheer pink ribbon =O) I filled my large jar with pink Easter grass and shimmery Easter eggs (as I do every Easter). So that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed my decorations and stay tuned as there is more to come.... ~Sarah

Friday, March 13, 2009