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Just a Mom from the beautiful state of Maine...I have two beautiful children who are my lifes true passion, my son Isaiah is 7 and he has Autism. My daughter Brianna is 13...going on 20! =O) Besides being a mom I am greatly inspired by the shabby chic style....I am new to blogging and I recently opened an online boutique Fabulously Shabby. I sell 'Romantic Home Decor & Chic Feminine Gifts', including some vintage pretties. I just love and admire all the beautiful blogs @}~~ They are so inspiring to me, I hope my blog becomes a beautiful one that can inspire others =O)

Please Visit My Boutique, Fabulously Shabby! @}~~

Please Visit My Boutique, Fabulously Shabby! @}~~
Romantic Home Decor & Chic Feminine Gifts

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I wanted to share a few photos of my wonderful package of goodies that I won from Lisa's blog Pupylov. I signed up to be entered in her blog giveaway and was thrilled to win! Especially since I don't usually win anything!!! What a treat!

Thank You SO Much Lisa for joining in on the giveaway party and for the FABULOUS package that you sent to me!!

She joined in, on a fabulous blog giveaway party that is hosted monthly by Cindy at her blog My Romantic Home. This is a blog party where other bloggers can sign up if they have something they would like to giveaway on their own blogs. Cindy is having this party on the second Monday of every month this year. I am going to join in for July and have my first giveaway!! So be sure to come back next week to sign up to win something FABULOUS!

Have A Great Week! ~Sarah @}~

**Correction Please Note; The blog giveaway party is hosted on the second monday of every month not on the first monday as I had previously stated. Sorry for any confusion!


  1. Hi! I'm so glad you got your package safe and sound! I'm also glad you are happy with your goodies! How cool to let everyone know about Cindy's monthly give away!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. Congratulations on your win!! I just found your blog and i'm going to be following you. I love the fabrics you have showing. They are so bright and vibrant. We don't have any good shops here either. I wish. Maybe one day. Happy 4th and I hope you'll come by my place!!